Khwee Sands Lodge

Okavango room

Born in the mountains of Angola, it flows deep into northern Botswana, miles away. There its waters falter. In vain they fan out through the palm groves and papyrus swamps, trying to reach the Indian Ocean, only to sink into the Kalahari sands. But before it dies, the Okavango creates Africa’s biggest oasis. This room is a foretaste of Botswanas most amazing natural wonder,the Okavango deltas with its water blues ,papyrus greens and of course the browns of the Kalahari sands .



Cgxwihaba room

Its stalagmites and stalactites were all carved and formed by dripping water, which dissolved into dolomite rock, though now the caves are totally dry. The Caverns contain stunning colours, bizarre rock formations, frozen waterfalls, flowstones and hallways.We named this one in honour of this exciting wonder of Botswana ,the Cgxwihaba Caverns .Truely African !




Moremi room

Completely stunning ,undoubtedly Africas most beautiful wildlife reserve .A visit after the first rains is like a tour of heaven.Lions ,girraffes, elephants,zebras and a diverse range of antelopes live side by side .watch a lion as it tries to catch its days meal ,just out of this world ! Room Moremi is an echo of this expirience .


Khwee room

Deep in the Kalahari in north central Botswana lies a small tiny settlement named Khwee,60kms from where we are located .The plight of the children and youth living in this settlement very much influenced our business case .As part of our social responsibility we will help young people in Khwee develop survival skills and markert their products in our establishment .This room sums up the commitment ,its colours are calm as the sands of Khwee and the duck egg blue embosses the hope we commit to bring to the young people of Khwee .

Noka ya Boteti room

The returning river ,it stopped flowing for almost 20 years and then in 2008 water started pushing its way down the dry riverbed ,a slow process which locals went out to watch -a moment in history . Ntwetwe pan is its ultimate destination .This room captures this moments in style .


Mokoti room

Botswanas diamonds @ work @ home ....thats our punchline and we are better placed to tell the story ,the owner  is a proffesional in the  mining industry having been educated by a diamond mining company ,the lodge is located right in the middle of the diamond fields .For a corporate traveller doing buisness in the mines ,the Mokoti room takes you through the colours of the diamond story ,the greys ,black hues ,dashes of blue and silvers epitomise the shining jewel that has built our nation.


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